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WEM3050T: a new 3 phase energy meter is coming

New product: WEM3050T2P din-rail 3phase Wi-Fi energy meter)

About WEM3050T

The WEM3050T is a 2P ,din-rail ,WiFi, 3phase energy meter, which is more compact than WEM3080T(4P,din-rail).


  • 3 phase energy meter ,support split phase(it can be used as 3 single-phase energy meters).
  • Din rail, split core CT
  • Support NEM(Net energy metering)
  • Wi-Fi, Modbus/tcp, mqtt, http/https, TLS, local API.
  • it is easily integrated into 3rd open source platform as WEM3080T, such as home assistant, Nodered etc..
  • Measure both active (kW,kWh) and reactive (kVar ,kVarh)

It has nearly all of the features of WEM3080T,but does not have the cloud service of IAMMETER by default.

Because there is no IAMMETER-cloud service by default, the price would be cheaper than WEM3080T.

Please note, the SN of WEM3046T would not include the service of IAMMETER-cloud . If you purchase WEM3050T and want to use the cloud service of IAMMETER-cloud later, you need to pay an extra fee for the cloud service.

Welcome to let me know your idea about WEM3050T Aici

WEM3050T WEM3050T shetchmap

Compared with WEM3080T

The difference between WEM3050T and WEM3080T is as below,

WEM3080T WEM3050T
Package 4P 2P
Cloud service IAMMETRO-nor Not provided by default
Certifications UL, CE, RCM, FCC CE,FCC
hardware Interface RS485 none

Potential customer of WEM3050T

This product would be better for customers who do not use the IAMMETER cloud service.

If you do not use IAMMETER-cloud ,you can develop your own system, use some open source platform((Home Assistant, NoedeRed, Openhab etc..) or use IAMMETER-docker directly.

Dezvoltați-vă propriul sistem de monitorizare a energiei cu produsele IAMMETE

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Integrate IAMMETER energy meter to Openhab,NodeRed etc...